Effective control of leakage in urban water supply network

- Apr 07, 2018 -

First, the current situation of leakage of water supply network

Urban water supply system is an important infrastructure. It plays a decisive role in ensuring the stable development of urban economy and the improvement of people's living standard. The leakage rate of water supply network is one of the important signs reflecting the management level of water supply enterprises. Reducing the leakage rate of water supply network contains enormous economic benefits, environmental benefits and social benefits. As a compulsory standard, the basic leakage rate of urban water supply pipe network should not be more than 12% in the standard of leakage control and evaluation of urban water supply network (CJJ92-2002). However, from the relevant statistics, the leakage rate in the urban water supply network system is usually 15%-20%, of which, the actual leakage rate of a considerable number of urban water supply systems is above 20%. At present, there are many problems in the domestic water supply enterprises, such as large leakage of pipe network, high margin of production and marketing, excessive maintenance cost, and whether the leakage of pipe network can be effectively controlled, has gradually become a "bottleneck" which restricts the development of water supply enterprises.

Two, the form and control analysis of the leakage of the pipe network

Pipeline leakage is generally divided into two categories: leakage and dark leakage. According to the statistics of leakage and leakage data in the pipeline of a water supply company in Shanghai in 2015 -2016, the total leakage of the pipe network in the old city is obviously larger than the total number of water leakage in the more areas of the new network. Transformation of type management, combined with modern computer information technology, put forward effective measures to control leakage of pipe network.

Three, because of the emphasis on the safety of water supply, there are too many annular tubes, which make the connection of the pipe network complicated, the actual leakage of water is difficult to measure and split, and it is difficult to analyze the cause of its formation, and the flow velocity is low in the pipe network, which forms the two pollution of the water quality of the pipe network and accelerates the corrosion rate of the pipe network.

Four, with the vigorous promotion of the two water supply renovation work, the water supply equipment, such as pump room, water tank, water tank and building pipeline, has also been brought into the management of the water company, which further improves the difficulty and requirement of leakage control.

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