AMI Smart Water Meter Demo in Mexico

- Aug 17, 2016 -

LAISON introduced Smart Water Metering Solution with Advanced Metering Infrastructure(AMI) to Mexico

The Whole Smart Meter system include:  LAISON Information Management System(LIMAS), LAISON Smart Water Meter(insert with RF wireless module) and Data Concentrator Unit.   

The communication technology is:
Between Smart Water Meter and DCU:  RF Wireless;
Between DCU and LAPIS server:  GPRS;

Few Key feature of LAISON's AMI metering system:
1. The water meter could be shift between Post-paid and Pre-paid mode.
2. Remote Real-time data(consumption etc) collecting. 
3. Remote Valve control.
4. Automatic data(daily/hourly/monthly consumption data, event record etc) uploading.

The demo kit of LAISON's Smart AMI water meter system was tested by our local partner in Mexico. And the DCU was insert with local Telcel company's SIM card, for the GPRS communicate with LAPIS server.    The system works well, and hope for the further business chance in Mexico. 


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