- Apr 08, 2016 -

LAISON STS Smart Water Metering with AMI solution in Nigeria

LAISON successfully introduced STS Smart Water Metering Solution with Advanced Metering Infrastructure(AMI) to Nigeria in Nov. 2015 and set up two Pilot Projects. 
For STS Prepaid Solution part, it consists of LAISON Smart Water Meter and Customer Interface Unit (CIU), by RF Wireless Communication, the meter could be recharged via 20 digits token and queried by 2 digits token. The communication distance between meter and CIU is around 150m.
For AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) part, The Data Concentrator Unit (DCU) could communicate with Meter via RF Wireless, so that the meter data like 24 hourly consumption data, battery voltage etc. could be reported to Center System automatically every day, and then upload these data to Center system via GPRS. The communication distance between DCU & Meter is around 1.5km.

By analyzing these data, corresponding reports could be generated to detect Water Leakage & Bypass situation, which win great feedback from Water Companies.

After on-site test and checking for around 1 year, Harare city will apply Prepaid Water Meters in other areas. 


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