How to check the amount of water meter

- Apr 07, 2018 -

1. the measuring unit of the water meter is cubic meter (that is, tons). The number of water meters below the cubic meter can not be checked. If the number of water meters in this month is less than the indication number of last month's water meter, we can get the practical water volume of this month.

2.The pointer type water meter is decimal progressive count. The indicator number of the water meter is one, ten, 100, thousand four digit (Hei Pan). The unit of calculation is cubic meter (ton), and the four figures of 1/l0, 1/l00, l/1000 and l/10000 (red disk) below cubic meter. When you read the meter, you must grasp the carry method. The bit pointer does not go to 0, the ten digit indicates that the number must not carry. Other people carry the method and so on.

3. the direct reading water meter can read directly from left to right according to the black indicating number. The unit of measurement is cubic meter, and the red number can not be read.


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