Prepaid Water Meter Project, Zambia

- May 19, 2015 -

Prepaid Water Meter Project, Zambia


LAISON introduced prepaid water meters from China into Zambia with the aim of making customer service processes more efficient, and reducing financial cost and operating cost 
for Water Utilities, while giving users control over their usage and offering them more accessible forms of payment;

As feedback from Water Authorities, the Water Revenue Collection in both NWSC and LpWSC are tripled after applying LAISON Prepaid Water Meter for 4 months.
Thus the 2nd stage of Prepaid Water Meter Project in NWSC is under execution, with quantity of 13,900pcs, by using STS Prepaid Water Meter.

LAISON Team visited Zambia reguarly each year, for onsite training, new smart metering solution introduction and technical support if required. 

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