Irrigation multi meter multi card large diameter ultrasonic water meter

- Apr 28, 2018 -

In the past, the crops in our country were mainly irrigated by rainwater, the amount of irrigation and the number of irrigation were determined by the weather itself, so it was often caused by drought. With the continuous development of the water supply industry in China, the irrigation multi meter and multi card large diameter ultrasonic water meter can make the agricultural irrigation in China develop and make the time quantitative zoning of agricultural irrigation. On the one hand, it can save water resources, and on the other hand, it improves the efficiency of irrigation. It is a small helper for agricultural irrigation.

Immediately on May Day, it will soon enter the summer. The agriculture of the banker has entered a period of water shortage. Therefore, irrigation is a guarantee for a year's harvest. When it comes to agricultural irrigation, it is indispensable to irrigate the multi meter and multi caliber ultrasonic water meter, not only is very prominent in the measurement, but also changes people's traditional irrigation methods, so as to make rational use of irrigation water and use it two times, and reduce the waste of water resources at the same time.

Compared with the previous mechanical irrigation water meter, the irrigation multi meter multi card large caliber ultrasonic water meter can change the mode of manual reading and reading for the past day. The intelligent remote meter reading method is brought into the people's life, and the meter reading data is directly charged, so the water public company will say goodbye to the danger of the incomplete return of the capital. The economic benefits of the water department have been increased.

In addition, the irrigation multi meter multi card large diameter ultrasonic water meter is not affected by water quality and viscosity. Even if the water contains small stones, mudflow, sand and other impurities, it can be passed smoothly. It does not affect the measurement results of the water meter, nor does it affect the service life of the water meter. At the same time, it can also realize the timing and quantitative irrigation work. It is a water meter which is very suitable for agricultural irrigation. If you want to get a good harvest of your crops, hurry up and irrigate the order of multi meter, multi caliber and large caliber ultrasonic water meters.

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