Reasons for Errors in Intelligence

- Feb 09, 2019 -

Intelligent water meter is the most widely used measuring instrument nowadays. The accuracy of the intelligent water meter is related to the interests of millions of households, so today we will analyze the reasons for the errors of the intelligent wireless remote water meter.

The main manifestations of inaccuracy of water meter measurement are as follows:

(1) A sudden increase in water consumption in a month, 2-5 times more than usual;

(2) Water meters can also be measured without using water.

There are many cases, if the explanation is not clear and can not be solved in time, it is easy to cause disputes. Next, the reasons for the inaccuracy of water meter measurement are explained, and solutions are provided.

2. Reasons affecting the accuracy of water meter measurement:

(1) Water quality of pipeline network, solid impurity particles or inorganic salts and organic matter in water easily block the inlet holes of filter network and impeller box, resulting in accelerated flow rate and erroneous measurement;

(2) The mechanical wear of the parts of the water meter itself, especially the top ones, results in the negative measurement of the water meter at small flow rate and the positive measurement at large flow rate.

(3) The unstable water pressure in the pipe network will cause the water meter to rotate without water.

(4) The low water temperature and the increase of water viscosity will result in the slow speed of the water meter when the flow rate is small. Water meters should be installed horizontally. The errors caused by the inclination of the position are quite different and the sensitivity is obviously low. Various meters are invading more and more because of the inclination of the position and the increase of the angle, especially the small flow rate.

3. Solutions

1. Strengthen Water Meter Supervision

(1) We should pay attention to the selection of water meters, which should consider the stability of long-term operation of water meters and the reliability of comprehensive quality. Generally, water meters should be purchased at designated sites and factories, and the quality of water produced by designated enterprises should be tracked and assessed. Tracking and checking in quality is not only to check the error of water indication value, but also to check the full performance of water meter regularly. Because some enterprises only pay attention to the adjustment of indication error of water meter, this kind of water meter is usually qualified in the first verification of indication error, but after running for a period of time, the error obviously deviates from the prescribed value. After the accelerated wear test, the error of such a water meter can be guaranteed to meet the required requirements. In addition, we should strengthen the supervision and management of water meter verification, which is taken over by the government accounting management department, to ensure the accuracy and reliability of water meter verification, and to avoid the flow of unqualified water meters to users.

(2) The system of "first verification and expiration rotation" should be implemented. According to the requirements of the water meter verification regulations, the first verification and expiration rotation of water meters are adopted, and the rotation period is six years. Most areas have not checked the implementation of this requirement before. Therefore, the abnormalities in water meters caused by this are becoming more and more prominent.

2. Improving water quality

Improving the water quality conditions of factory water and pipeline water is the tolerance guarantee to reduce the tolerance of meter. Impurities in water should be minimized. Regular flushing of pipes and scaling in small pipes ensures the period of overhaul and replacement of old pipes, avoids serious corrosion of pipes, and impurities precipitation affects the normal measurement of water meters. In order to avoid affecting the normal measurement of water, it is necessary to contend with the impurities, mud and silk in the pipeline before filling the new pipes.

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