The potential demand of intelligent water meter is huge and powerful, promoting smart city process.

- Apr 07, 2018 -

The water meter industry has been developing for more than 100 years. At present, the total demand of the global water meter is about 100 million per year. China has become one of the largest producers of water meters in the world. With the deepening of the national energy conservation and environmental protection policy, the rising of sewage and water prices, and the development of the rural straight copy, the problems related to the water meter measurement will be more prominent, and the requirements for the Water Service Company measurement management will be higher. At present, we must reexamine the development route of the intelligent water meter, strengthen the technical and technological breakthrough, improve the collection capacity of the water meter data, and provide the basis for the construction and development of the intelligent water service.

In recent years, the demand for the world water meter has continued to increase. In addition to the stable and moderate increase in the developed countries, the demand for water meters in a large number of developing countries has increased significantly, and the global water meter has 1 billion 400 million scales. With the increase of global urbanization, it is expected to have 1 billion 800 million scale in 2025.

According to the analysis report, the current intelligent water meter in China is about 20%, the annual output is 15 million, the corresponding market size is only 5 billion yuan, and the technology, management level and development trend of the intelligent water meter are lagging behind. However, with the implementation of the policy and the application of NB-IoT communication technology, it is expected that the intelligent water meter will develop rapidly with the growth rate of 28%. It is expected that the scale of the intelligent water meter market will exceed 40 billion yuan in the next five years. In 2020, the scale will exceed 17 billion and grow very high.

Under the condition of shortage of water resources and aggravation of water pollution, the pressure of water supply safety and high quality service is increasing. Smart water business has become a hot topic in the smart industry. However, because the concept of smart water is not clear, lack of standards, technology and market confusion, data acquisition is particularly important.

The intelligent water meter can realize the centralized reading, remote reading and real-time reading. The data is objective and accurate. It can not only read and monitor the running status of the table in real time, but also load the water quality and water pressure monitoring. It is convenient for the Water Service Company to analyze the data and strengthen the management of water, and it can also provide intelligent charge and other management and service. The construction of smart city has solved the problems of low efficiency of manual reading of mechanical water meters, large error in data collection, and long-term operation of water companies.

However, the development of intelligent water meters in China is still facing several major problems. First, in the domestic market, intelligent water meter transformation needs huge investment. The source of funds is a major bottleneck that puzzles the development of intelligent water meters. Secondly, intelligent water meter technology is complex. Up to now, there is no uniform technology route and standard. Thirdly, the barriers to R & D investment of intelligent water meters are high, and the ordinary water meter enterprises with small workshops cannot continue to update technology.

With the continuous improvement of technology and the evolution of smart city, the intelligent water meter industry will develop steadily. Researchers expect that in the next five years, China will add more than 150 million intelligent water meters, and the corresponding scale will reach more than 40 billion yuan.

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