Thickening Flotation Water Treatment Equipment

Thickening Flotation Water Treatment Equipment

HT-ETF Thickening Flotation 1. Performance parameters Sludge loading 800~1500kg/m² /d Hydraulic loading 7~10 m3 /(m2 h) Moisture content of feed sludge 98%~99.8% Moisture content of final sludge 93%~96% Feed water SS: 2000~20000mg/L Final water SS: 100~500mg/L 2. Application Fields Treatment of...

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HT-ETF Thickening Flotation

1. Performance parameters 

Sludge loading 800~1500kg/m² /d 

Hydraulic loading 7~10 m3 /(m2 h) 

Moisture content of feed sludge 98%~99.8% 

Moisture content of final sludge 93%~96% 

Feed water SS: 2000~20000mg/L 

Final water SS: 100~500mg/L 


2. Application Fields 

Treatment of high concentration wastewater in the issues of slaughterhouse, printing and dyeing, stainless steel pickling water; 
Sludge thickening treatment of municipal residual activated sludge


(m 3 /h)


Recycling pump(kw)

Air compressor

Slag Extractor(kw)



















1. Significant Advantages 

No phosphorus release 

Non-clogging releasing system 

Improvement of further operating efficiency 

Reduction of further operation and investment cost 

2. Working Principle 

The residual activated sludge of 98%-99.8% moisture content, micro bubbles and reagents are mixed in flocculation reactor, which forms bubble flocs and then flows through the mixing chamber, coagulate and grow up. The sludge containing bubble flocs floats and gathers in sludge concentration zone and then furtherly separates from clean water with the effects of buoyancy and sludge fence components. The moisture content of the sludge is gradually reduced, and the sludge becomes more and more dry. The water extruded from the sludge is collected and discharged by the recycling water pipe in the middle of the pool body.


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