Brief Introduction To The Performance Index Of Electromagnetic Calorimeter And Ultrasonic Water Meter Transducer

- Feb 02, 2018 -

In the energy management network system, and other articles, let everyone know some unknown knowledge, but "electromagnetic heat meter ultrasonic water meter transducer performance indicators" for a lot of people is still more strange, today we come to understand:

The electromagnetic calorimeter is based on Faraday's law to measure the flow of hot water. Like ultrasound, there are no movable parts inside it. The only difference is that it has the requirement for the conductivity of the heating medium. Because of its complex structure and high price, it is usually not suitable for user measurement electromagnetic type. Electromagnetic heat meter is widely used in large caliber building or industrial measurement.

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In urban water supply and water supply projects, many areas are using ultrasonic water meters to make water supply measurement. Transducer is an important part of ultrasonic water meter. Its performance index determines the quality of ultrasonic water meter to some extent.

For transducers, many users should not know what transducers are. The device that converts electric energy, mechanical energy or sound energy from one form of energy to another form of energy is called transducer, also known as active sensor. Transducer is the core device of ultrasonic equipment, and its characteristic parameters determine the performance of the whole device.

According to the size of piezoelectric wafer, such as diameter and thickness, the performance of each transducer is different. The main performance index is: when the frequency of the voltage added to the two ends is equal to the resonant frequency of the wafer, the maximum sensitivity of output is also the highest. In order to ensure that the transducer and the test system have a certain low frequency response, the insulation resistance of the piezoelectric transducer should be kept so that the internal charge leakage can be reduced to meet the requirements of the general test precision. The adaptive test system should have a large time constant, the mechanical energy and the electromagnetic energy conversion process of the ultrasonic transducer, which is the first definition of the electromechanical coupling process of Mason, the electromechanical coupling coefficient.

The content of "Introduction to the performance index of the transducer for electromagnetic heat meter ultrasonic water meter" is prepared by our little editor. Remember what was said in the energy management network system above? These may be somewhat incomplete. We will explain it to you in future articles.

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