LAISON Team Are Attending the 18th AFWA in Kenya

- Sep 01, 2017 -

On February 22~26,2016, LAISON team are attending the18th AFWA--"18th Internationial Water and Sanitation Exhibition" in Kenya.

Laisontech has already worked with many Kenya Local companies, this time LAISON will present its advanced STS prepayment water meter solution with AMI/AMR functions for water companies and utilities.


LAISON Infrared Split Type STS Prepayment Water Meter System consists of smart water meter and separate IR Token  Pad/Customer Interface Unit (CIU). For STS water meter system, cusomers coudl recharge meter and inquire information by inputting corresponding tokens  in IR token pad/ CIU conveniently.

Now we have walk-by and DCU solutions for AMI/AMR water meters. With walk-by solutuions, Customers could also download LAISON APP and collect data from water meters and remotely control the meter. With DCU soluitions, data could upload to data concentrator daily/weekly/monthly, and then upload to central system. Operators  could control the water meters in central office.


LAISON prepayment information system(LAPIS) could also integrate with M-pesa in Kenya, which will be a very convenient way for customers. Now LAISON has pilots and projects in Kenya, the prepayment solution will be a trend and a good opportunity in Kenya. 


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