Do You Know The Electromagnetic Calorimeter? What Is The Appearance Requirement Of The Ultrasonic Water Meter?

- Mar 22, 2017 -

The electromagnetic calorimeter is based on Faraday's law to measure the flow of hot water. Like ultrasound, there are no movable parts inside it. The only difference is that it has the requirement for the conductivity of the heating medium. Because of its complex structure and high price, it is usually not suitable for user measurement. Do you know the electromagnetic heat meter and are widely used in large caliber building or industrial measurement.

You might want to know:

1, the key should feel moderate, no adhesion phenomenon.

2, connectors must be strong and reliable, and can not be loosened or shedding due to vibration.

3, ultrasonic water meter body of the connecting part of the welding should be smooth, no weld, sealing off phenomenon.

4, the numbers displayed should be clear and neat. The symbols and signs for function should be complete, clear and correct.

5, all the marks of the ultrasonic water meter are correct; the protective glass on the reading device should have good diaphaneity, and there is no defect that impede reading by distortion of reading.

6, the newly built ultrasonic water meter should have good surface treatment. No burrs, scratches, cracks, rust, mildew spots and coating spalling will be allowed. The seal face should be flat and not damaged.

If the water controller manufacturer is prepared for you, "do you know what the appearance of the electromagnetic heat meter is looking for" is helpful, I hope you can collect it, and if there is any shortage, I hope you can show us, let us have more progress.

Key words: know the electromagnetic ultrasonic phenomenon, measure the level of water meter.

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