How Do You Install The Large Caliber Ultrasonic Heat Meter And The Temperature Sensor, The Ultrasonic Calorimeter? Do You Know?

- Apr 15, 2018 -

1 the red label temperature sensor is installed in the thermometer casing of the ultrasonic heat meter, and tightens the M2.5 screws on both sides of the thermometer bushing.

2 when installing the blue label temperature sensor, it is necessary to weld the iron joint with the goods on the heating and backwater pipe first, and then use the wrench to tighten the iron joint after wrapping the raw material or other sealing material with the goods, and then insert the temperature sensor into the temperature measuring sleeve and tighten the M2.5 screw on both sides of the temperature measuring sleeve.

3 when welding the iron joint, we must weld the iron joint on the top of the pipe to prevent the temperature sensor from loosening from the thermometer bushing after being pulled.

4 all the remaining rich connections (data lines, temperature lines) are placed in the slot, and there is no need for redundant wiring outside the slot.

5 the probe of temperature sensor should be reserved for maintenance, and it can't face the wall, otherwise it will cause disassembly difficulty.

6 after installation, how to install ultrasonic sensor and ultrasonic sensor to seal the ultrasonic heat meter.

More concerned:

The ultrasonic calorimeter is used to measure the flux by the method of ultrasonic radiation. There is no moving part inside the cavity, so there is no requirement for the content of the medium or the content of the impurity. Its service life can be more than 20 years. It is an advanced heat meter. But its measurement range is not very large, so it is very suitable for small caliber using old heating facilities with high content of rusty water and impurities.

The above points are about "how do you know how to install the ultrasonic heat meter of the temperature sensor with large diameter ultrasonic meter", I believe that after seeing the introduction of this article, there will be some understanding on this aspect. In the future, do you know the problems of the ultrasonic heat meter and other problems can be well solved. Here, we recommend that you know more about metal rotator flowmeter and other related information, and I hope it will help you.

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