How Smart Water Meters Control Water Resources

- Sep 15, 2018 -

A major factor in the popularization of smart water meters is the promulgation of national policies. The reason why countries want to popularize smart water meters is to use smart water meters to control water resources. How does smart water meter control water resources?

First of all, I have to say that the household water price policy is well-known. In order to further improve the control of people's water consumption and to raise people's awareness of protecting water resources, the ladder water price policy should be implemented before the end of 2017. Because it uses a smart water meter, its mode of managing water charges is to pay the water fee by itself, which increases the user's attention to water consumption, develops people's water-saving habits, and plays a role in controlling water resources and protecting water resources. The role. In terms of controlling water resources, the more obvious is the control of special water industry such as bathing center and car wash. The price of water in some special industries is quite obvious, effectively controlling the water consumption and saving water. the goal of.

The State Council promulgated the updated Opinions on Implementing a Strict Water Resources Management System, which is the further implementation of the 2013 Central Document No. 1. Compared with the document No. 1 focusing on water conservancy investment, this Opinion emphasizes the water use of residents and strives to ensure people's drinking water safety, water supply safety and ecological security. The "Opinions" are divided into three parts: objectives, specific measures and security systems;

1. Water resources development and utilization control red line: By 2030, the national total water consumption system will be less than 700 billion cubic meters; 2. Water efficiency control red line: By 2030, the industrial added value water consumption will be reduced to less than 40 cubic meters, farmland irrigation The effective utilization coefficient of water is increased to 0.6 or more; 3. The water function area limits the red line of pollution: by 2030, the water quality compliance rate of the water function area has increased to over 95%.

The smart water meter can help the water management department to monitor the daily water consumption, control the water consumption in the area, monitor the water consumption in the area, set the water control, make it easier to discover the water problem, and formulate a reasonable water use plan.

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