How To Maintain And Expire The Replacement Of Smart Water Meters

- Sep 15, 2018 -

The smart water meter is a new type of water meter that can accurately count the water consumption data of each household and then periodically send the data to the water supply platform and implement the prepaid water fee management mode. It plays a fair trade settlement between the water supply enterprise and the user, and the service life of the smart water meter is closely related to the maintenance and maintenance during its “appointment” period. Let us understand.

The maintenance of intelligent water meter is mainly for the person in charge of the water supply enterprise. The responsible person is responsible for the daily maintenance work of the smart water meter for each inspection, including the appearance of the smart water meter, the health and record, the need to replace the battery and repair If necessary, it should be reported in a timely manner according to the corresponding procedures. At the same time, for the self-reported smart water meter failure, the user should promptly process the door and make a record. If you need to replace the smart water meter, the water quantity should be recorded and signed together with the user.

Of course, in addition to the duties of the water supply enterprise, the maintenance of the smart water meter also requires the user to maintain it. The relevant person in charge informs the user of the smart water meter use and simple maintenance knowledge when conducting household inspections on the resident users, such as not on the smart water meter. Place items, stains need to be wiped regularly, and so on.

The life of smart water meter is cyclical. Generally, it is about 7 years. The national regulations for small-caliber civil smart water meters are 6 years. If the smart water meter exceeds the service life, it has reached the life cycle, lost the function of use, and the value of civil maintenance. The smart water meter needs to be replaced.

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