How To Purchase Smart Prepaid Water Meters

- Sep 15, 2018 -

It is reported that before the owner stays in the new house, the relevant departments must send water, electricity, gas, heating, etc. to the user's home, and then hand over the terminal software including the recharge card to the property management. Then, in today's market competition, the real estate business is so fierce. How can the water supply enterprise choose a practical intelligent prepaid water meter to save money and make the owner more recognized? The correct answer is of course: good quality and low price; let me help you analyze the water meter buyer. How to conduct water tendering.

Every enterprise has its own set of processes when purchasing various accessories for water supply projects. Some of them collect all the projects (including water pipes and gas pipes) and send them together. The procurement tenders list all kinds of accessories (pvc). Management, intelligent prepaid water meter requirements, gas pipelines, gas meter requirements), the winning bidder is the water meter factory for procurement, installation, commissioning and other one-stop services; some companies purchase a variety of raw materials and accessories, control their own The quality of the accessories (pvc pipe, intelligent prepaid water meter, gas pipe, gas meter) is then issued to the contractor. The winning bidder only installs and commissions the purchaser.

The process of purchasing smart prepaid water meters by most water supply companies is like this. Through online search, find out the type of water meter (including the function, characteristics, caliber, brand, etc.) and types of water meters that you need, and select the ones that meet your company's needs. Intelligent prepaid water meters, and then search for water meter manufacturers according to their own needs, find out 4 to 5 well-known water meter factories that produce intelligent prepaid water meters, contact each water meter factory, contact with water meter manufacturers, contact through negotiation The water meter required by your company (pre-sales technical support of the water meter factory, after-sales service, characteristics of the water meter factory, etc.), select the water meter manufacturer that meets your needs, the quality of the water meter, the water meter purchase contract, the water meter factory Withdrawal of the advance payment, the purchase process of a water meter is completed!

Some water supply enterprises purchase smart prepaid water meters that meet their needs through bidding. They issue purchase bids indicating the type, diameter, characteristics and quality requirements of the purchased water meters. The bidders of the water meter manufacturers have the water meter samples that meet the requirements and The tender is to be marked, and the sample sent by the water meter factory in the water supply area is tested, and the water meter that meets the company's own water is selected, and then the price, quality, after-sales, etc., which are suitable for the company's requirements, are selected in the water meter company. One of the water meter companies that meet the requirements is selected as the winning bidder. The water meter manufacturer that won the bid has signed an agreement with the water supply company to develop a supply contract and fulfill the agreement! A complete process of purchasing the intelligent prepaid water meter is over!

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