How To Read A Straight-Reading Meter

- Jul 14, 2015 -

In the meter shown in Figure 1, the reading is taken from the figures shown under the words CUBIC FEET. The meter reads 81710.03 which is the total number of cubic feet of water recorded since the meter was installed. If the utility bills in units of 100 cubic feet they would read this meter as simply 817.


Figure 1

The meter shown in Figure 3 is brand new, hence the reading for this meter is 0.00. The small blue triangle (just to the right of the “35”) is the low flow indicator. That triangle will spin if any water is flowing through the meter. This indicator can be useful in leak detection.


Figure 2

The meter in Figure 3, also cubic feet, is good example of a situation where the final number has already “turned over”. The correct reading on this meter is: 2425.92 cubic feet. On most meters, the final digit will turn over once the big sweep hand has passed the 0.6 mark. Note that the size of the meter is usually printed on the dial. The meter in Figure 4 is a 5/8″ meter as is shown on the dial.


Figure 3

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