LAISON Implement 3 days' onsite training in SRWB, Malawi

- Oct 19, 2016 -

The Prepaid Water Meter Demand in Malawi becomes clear and significant, as part of the reform all over the country, under the instruction of the Vice President, Malawi.

SRWB (Southern Region Water Board) becomes the first Water Board in Malawi to implmemt the Prepaid Water Meter Pilot Project. 
LAISON has supplied RFID Card Prepaid Water Meters to SRWB, along with the Remote Water Purchase Solution via Smart Mobile Phone, by NFC (Near Field Communication) function, which won high appreciation from SRWB Management Team.

LAISON Team hold a 3 days' onsite training before official Smart Meters Installation & Running, Around 30 staff in SRWB from Finicial, Account, ICT and Maintenance Department participate the tranining session. During the onsite traning, LAISON Team mainly introduce:
1) General introduction of LAISON Smart Meter Solutions, includes differnt Prepaid Solutions and Automatic Meter Reading Solutions. 
2) Detail introcution of LAISON RFID Card Prepaid Water Meter System. 
3) Detail introduction of LAISON Remote Water Purchase Solution via NFC Android App.

After the training, all the participants got a better understanding on LAISON RFID Card prepaid water meter system and could handle the daily operation like Customer Registration and Water Purchase well. 

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