Is There A Balance In The Smart Water Meter? Do Not Use Water And Water

- Dec 23, 2018 -

Is there a balance in the smart water meter? Do not use water and water

       Our life is inseparable from running water. In the hot summer, whether tap water can be supplied in quality or quantity is affecting the hearts of every citizen. Yesterday, Qian Xiaoming, deputy general manager of the Municipal Water Supply Corporation, went into the “Government Winds and Hotline” activities and communicated with the general public about the common tap water problems in their lives.

Q: My home is using a smart water meter. It often stops water. I checked the balance and there is actually a balance. What is going on?

A: At present, most high-rise and small high-rise residential quarters in urban areas use smart water meters. Our water supply hotline has also often received similar questions from the public. After on-site inspection and analysis, it was found that this is not the reason for the smart water meter itself. High-rise, small high-rises need to use pressurized equipment to ensure water pressure. If the booster pump in the community fails, water will stop, and usually several floors will stop together. In this case, the public can contact the community property to handle it. The smart water meter is a prepaid water meter. When the water volume is less than 3 tons, it will remind the user to recharge by means of an early warning valve. At this time, just press the button on the water meter to continue the water, or you can call the 24-hour water supply hotline: 13926517392 Let us operate. Another is the water stoppage caused by external reasons such as the repair of the water supply pipeline. The public can know whether the water supply system of the community is normal through the property or water supply hotline.

Q: When my water meter is not using water, it is also stopping and stopping. Is there a problem? Or is there a place leaking?

A: This question is usually reflected by the public to us. From the on-site inspection, there are two situations. One is that the water meter keeps rotating at a faster speed, which means that there may be water leakage points in the house, usually in the toilet bowl, the solar water heater roof tank, etc. In another case, the water meter rotates in the reverse direction and intermittently rotates. Explain that there is air in the pipeline, fluctuations in air pressure cause fluctuations in the water flow, and the water meter begins to rotate. According to experience, long-term unused faucets, pipes connected to water heaters, etc. are places where air is more likely to exist. If the exhaust valve in the high-rise corridor is not installed properly, the water meter in the household's home will also rotate. When the air in the pipeline is exhausted, the water meter will be released after it rotates.

Q: How about the quality of tap water in the hot season? Can you drink it directly after boiling?

A: All of our factory waters are in line with the national 106 water quality drinking indicators, 95 pipe network points will also be tested twice a month, the pass rate is 100%, you can rest assured to drink. Our factory water meets or exceeds national drinking water standards. However, there are secondary water supply in individual areas, or because of the pipeline, it is still not recommended to drink directly. It is recommended to drink after boiling. In addition, the disinfectant in the tap water can be volatilized during the boiling process.

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