LAISON Has Developed Linux Server Web System

- Nov 01, 2017 -

Recently, LAISON has developped several important system solution, which include the
1) Linux Cloud server web system,
2) Mobile vending POS system, 
3) Wlak by data collection system

All these system will effectively help to improve the operation efficiency of water authorities. 
Linux Could serve based web system, mainly include the functions of vending for prepaid water meters,and reports analysis, AMI remote data reading etc. Through application of graphic interface, the management team of water board are more easily to understand the financial status of the water companies.

The Mobile vending POS system, which runs in Android POS machnine or Andorid smart phone, can help the operators of water companies or the agency to sale the water on the site. It's specially useful for Africa water boards since in some villiages, the traffic are not so convenient. Its very important complementary of existing LAPIS system.

The walk by system are use LoRa wireless communication, its for monitoring the monthly consumption of the prepaid water meters, which may useful info. to generate the monthly billing report. 

All these systems makes LAISON to be the leading company in smart water metering and Prepaid AMI system provider. 
It also enables the water board to enjoy the advantages of technical innovation, as LAISON promised to be the technical parter of water boards.

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