LAISON Meter Provides Solution For Water Leakage And By-pass Detection

- Nov 18, 2015 -

LAISON Meter provides solution for Water Leakage and By-pass Detection


According to the WSP report, the main challenge for Water companies is the Non Revenue Water (NRW), which caused by Water Leakage and Bypass Connection, and also a few percentage is unpaid water.

Recently LAISON has updated prepaid water meters with AMI function, enables automatic Hourly Consumption Data Collection. By which way, the Water Company can monitor the Water consumption in each hour interval, so it’s easily to distinguish the meters are in running or removed.

LAISON is the 1st company developed smart water meters with hourly consumption data frozen function in China as the most important part of AMI solution.
The water meters with several options either Split STS prepaid water meters, or RFID card prepaid water meters which is suitable for NFC Remote Charging Solution, and also the postpaid AMI meters. 

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