LAISON Prepayment Water Metering Presentation In LWSC, Liberia

- Apr 23, 2018 -

    LAISON Prepayment Water Metering Presentation in LWSC, Liberia

     Liberia Water And Sewer Corporation(LWSC),a government legal public corporation, established in 1973,  located in  Monrovia, was the national water board for the Provision, distribution and supply of water in Liberia.LAISON was invited to do a do the prepayment water metering presentation in LWSC's headoffice. In April 22nd, LAISON team had traveled thousands of miles to Liberia to make this meaningful conference realized.


     Deputy General Manager, Mr. Mosezey, Sales & Marketinng Director Mr. Marzer, Technical manager, Administrative Consultant and other staff from LWSC all expressed welcome to LAISON team. LAISON made the demo of its prepayment water metering solutions, including LAISON STS prepayment solution, mobile payment and walk-by AMR solution. LWSC people are surprised by the advanced technology and metering solution. 

     LWSC have the preference to do the PPP project, and LAISON will keep in touch with LWSC, for bringing its technology and best water metering solution to west Africa.



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