LAISON RFID Card Prepayment Water Meter In The Philippines

- Dec 04, 2015 -

LAISON RFID Card Prepayment Water Meter System is self developed with several technical innovations, it  integrates with LXSZ/LXHZ series and LXSIC Dry/Wet type series smart meters, which is suitable for both single and step tariff water meters. The smart meter system configures with the URF-R330 USB card reader and Phillips M1 S70(4Kb) Series RF card, which assures the stabilities of the system. Through integration of NFC/RF wireless/Bluetooth/Infrared etc. communication technologies, the RFID card prepaid Water Meter System can realize Mobile Payment/Recharge, Walk-by AMR/AMI etc. advanced & human-based functions. 


LAISONTECH marketing team have been in contact with  Maynilad Water Services, Inc  for a long time, a company that takes responsibbility for  the west concessionaire in the Philippines. Maynilad also showed great interest in LAISON RFID Card prepayment water meters, in early Spring, LAISONTECH had already vistit the company. 

Now we're in contact with General Santos City Water District in the Philippines, the company has finished testing LAISON prepayment water meters,  they showed high praise of LAISON professional technical support and good quality of water meters. Now GSCWD is preparing for a pilot of LAISON prepayment water meter in its regional district for real use, which will be the initiative of "prepayment".


In the meanwhile, LAISON marketing will also keep touch with the Manila Water Company, Inc, who is the sole provider of water and wastewater services to more than six million people in the East Zone of Metro Manila. 


Let's wait for the blosom of LAISON prepayment water metering in the Philippines. 

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