LAISON Smart Water Metering Brings New Water Consumption Style To Africa

- Nov 06, 2015 -

LAISON Smart/Prepaid Metering System was created with the aim of making customer service processes more efficient, and reducing financial cost and operative cost for Water Utilities, while giving users control over their usage and offering them more accessible forms of payment. 


• Total control of water usage. 
• Flexibility that allows the user to decide when and how much to buy
• Convenience, because services can be purchased at authorized establishments near the user’s home and through different mobile money platforms like M-Pesa, AIRTEL Mobile Money, etc.
• Security, because the credit is STS encrypted and works only with the meter to which it is assigned.

• Guarantees revenue from advance and on time payments of water sales.
• Lower administrative costs; expenses related to periodic readings, as well as issuance and distribution of bills.
• With the LAPIS software LAISON has developed, Water Utility executives will be able to access all kinds of information and reports designed in accordance with their needs.
LAISON metering solution supports two ways user-company communication, which allows the operator to supervise the user and obtain statistics on frequency of use, usage, and other important information useful for the Water Utility through Automated Meter Reading (AMR) as option.
The innovative design of friendly time period management function ensures the necessary water use (non-switch off) in holidays and duty-off periods as human-based management of water supply when customer runs out of credit

Beside prepayment functions, LAISON Smart Water Meter additionally supports flexible payment mode, namely PRE-PAYMENT or POST-PAYMENT.
By application of LAPIS software and LAISON Smart Water Meter, it provides comprehensive, reliable, flexible metering solutions to the African Water Utility and brings new water consumption style to Africa. 

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