LAISON STS Prepayment Water Meter In Namibia

- Nov 27, 2015 -

In Namibia, as the STS energy meters are already widely used, and popular amond the municipalities and end-users. Thus, LAISON, cooperated with our local distributors, bring and present the Advanced LAISON STS RF Split Type and IR Type Prepayment Water Meter, optional with AMR/AMI function, to municipalities and local private estate market.

The feedback is positive:
For private estate market, the user, especially landlords show a lot of interests, as they want separate water bills from their tenants. Meanwile, Laison STS water meter solution also support various vending ways, such E-bank/Mobile payment/Pos vending etc, which is really convinient for both user and vendor.

For municipalities, the capital of Nambia, Windhoek municipality has high praise of Laison STS water meter solution, and made 
their decision to start with a 100pcs pilot project in a private estate, where they could conduct inspections on day to day running. Meanwhile, the municipality also required the AMR/AMI function reserved for the pilot project meters, as they are studying now, and will definitely using AMI solution for the billing management in the near future.

Attached the link of LAISON metering solution, which we are promoting in Namibia Makret:

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