Paramount Holdings Ltd Company Visits LAISON Team In Hangzhou

- Mar 04, 2016 -

On March 4th, 2016,  Paramount Holdings Ltd. company from Malawi visits LAISON in Hangzhou. LAISON team makes the introduction of  smart metering solutions to the faraway coming customer.

LAISON  provides solutions for customers, including LAISON RFID Card Prepaid Solution; LAISON STS Prepaid Water Meter with AMI; LAISON Prepayment Information System (LAPIS);LAISON AMR/AMI Solution(Walk-by AMR/AMI Solution/Fixed DCU AMR/AMI Solution).


Besides Prepayment, Real-time Billing ect. basic functions, LAISON RFID Card Prepaid Water Meter System supports more human based & advanced functions like Step Tariff, Friendly Period Management, Monthly Data Frozen, Anti-tamper and Event Record etc.Through integration of NFC (Near Field Technology) Technology, the RFID card prepaid Water Meter System can realize Mobile Water Purchase, providing flexible ways on water purchase.


LAISON Split STS Prepaid Water Meter  System consists of two parts,  Prepaid Water Meter and separate IR Pad with Infrared Communication  /CIU with RF wireless communication. Tokens could be available either in LAPIS Vending station, or through the SMS and LAISON Android App remotely. The client could choose infrared keypad or Smart phone App as the optional I/O device  also. The whole solution provides flexible  ways on recharging the meters ,which are most  attractive feature of LAISON  remote prepaid metering system. 



LAISON Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) System and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) System could perfectly realize remote meter data collection,valve control and meter parameters configurations etc. functions, for meters monitor & data analysis.Either Walk-by Solution, by which system meters’ data can be collected via Mobile Phone while walking along or driving along the street or Fixed DCU Solution, which could collect meters data automatically and uploaded to Center System via GPRS or Internet is available. The whole solution provides flexible solutions on meter data collection and valve control , which are the most attractive features control of LIAISON AMR/AMI system.

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