Renewals And Easinesses Of Smart Water Meter

- Oct 21, 2015 -


Customer can follow the informations such as the amount of water used, how much credits left, whenever he/she wants. Customer can purchase credits as much as she/he wants and doesnt effect from any price rise. Additionally, customer can adjust him/herself in some extraordinary situations and control the water usage. So it prevents high cost bills. Because of buying water with in advance; there wont be any conflict between renter and householder. Moreover, there wont be any queues for payments, customers have a chance to buy water credits how much they want.

Meter reading processes and costs will go away. Activities and costs of attaching-detaching, opening-closing the meters will be gone for customers who doesn’t pay. Activities like preparing a bill, distributing notification and transfering the meter reader index of mechanical meters to computer platform will be gone.

Pre paid smart Water Meter system bill cost is paid in advance with advalorem tax. However, in previous system, citizens were paying in cash advalorem tax of debts that they havent been able to receipt since then billing.

The system abolishes activites such as setting interest on unpaid-returned bills which are sent to automatic payments to banks.

Problems of using high incidence of water, tending to use illegal water, nonpayment on bills will be solved by this system.

Additionally, the system has time saving, staff saving, equipment-machine-stationary saving advantages. These savings will reduce costs and will effect water prices indirectly.

Tracking and controlling old loans will be gone

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