Smart Water Meter, Opening A New Mode Of Modern Water Saving

- Sep 15, 2018 -

Water is the source of life and a necessary condition for our survival and development. China is a country with a serious shortage of water resources. The per capita freshwater resources are only one-fourth of the world's per capita. More than 300 cities are classified as “severe water shortage” and “water shortage” by UN-HABITAT. The water shortage situation is extremely severe. However, China is also a country with more water consumption in the world, and the national water saving awareness is very indifferent. With the introduction of the national “Water Ten” and the ladder water price policy, people began to pay attention to the water-saving technology and adapt to the modern water-based smart technology products - smart water meters, naturally become the new darling of the times!

First, smart water meters have changed the traditional water management model to achieve pre-paid water. This solves the problems of past defaults on water fees, difficulties in collecting water fees, and long time-consuming charges, which greatly reduces the workload of the water supply management department and reduces manpower and material resources. At the same time, the consumption habits of paying and using first are also the embodiment of people's civilized consumption habits in the new era.

Secondly, the smart water meter has changed the traditional meter reading mode and realized remote intelligent management. The intelligent IC card water meter and its management system can remotely supervise many users' water meters, which fundamentally changes the mode in which the water supply department sent people to thousands of households to read meter charges. At the same time, it is also convenient for the majority of users. It is a great respect for the user's personal privacy and family safety, and avoids the trouble caused by frequent meter reading.

Once again, the smart water meter fully complies with the national water conservation, ladder water price and other policies, and the assistant promotes the development of a water-saving society of “one household, one meter, one card”. With the continuous recommendation of the national ladder water price policy, the national water saving awareness will be greatly improved, and consciously start to save water and develop a good habit of saving water. The smart water meter, a modern technology product, will also be widely used in thousands of households!

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