LAISON Prepaid Walk-by AMR System in Kenya

- Nov 11, 2015 -

LAISON RF STS Prepaid Water Meter with Walk-by AMR Solution was successfully introduced to Kenya in Oct. 11.


By adoption of RF Wireless Communication Technology, The Customer Interface Unit (CIU) and Blue-tooth Wireless Adapter can communicate with LAISON Smart Water Meter for Data Transfer. The Default RF Communication Frequency is 470MHz, and communication distance is 5 km in Line of View.

For RF STS Prepaid Solution, It consists of Customer Interface Unit, which is normally installed indoor, and LAISON Smart Water Meter, which is defined as External Unit, installed outdoor. Meter can be recharge easily by inputting 20 digits token via CIU, 
By Walk-by AMR Solution, Operators could take a Smart Mobile Phone with LAISON App. and Blue tooth Wireless Adapter, which connects to Mobile Phone by bluetooth and communicate with Meter via RF Wireless to collect meters data & control meters valve remotely while walking or driving along the street.

The Pilot Project is successful, following more meters will  be required in Kenya Market.

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