What Is Pre-Paid Water Meter?

- Sep 24, 2015 -


Since 2012, LAISON has been performing intense analysis and examination process about “Electronic Smart Water-Meter System”.  As the peak of Water selling systems “Electronic Smart Water-Meter System” brings a lot of easiness in practise. This system is seen as the most facilitator system for water distributor organizations. Further, it gives too much easiness in collection and prevents illegal usage.

With this system, customer can use water as much as the loaded credit; means also the pre-paid system Works without the effect of price rise. Electronic smart water-meter shows the usage details with a screen, so the usage is very simple. By controlling itself continuously, it doesn’t allow to occur any problems. Every machine has its own smart card. It protect itself by shutting down smart valves if it detects malicious usage. Before the credit that customer loaded finishes, Electronic smart water-meter warns to buy new credit. If customer doesnt purchase despite of warning, electronic smart meter shuts down its smart valves with ‘finished’ message.

Smart meter warns the customer when the time of changing battery has come, if customer doesn’t switch them the machine saves the informations to protect details. Smart credit card controls the machine with a special program in the meter’s memory. Smart credit card cannot do any activity if it puts in a different machine. It memorizes the activities of vicious opening attempts with different cards. Later; an LAISON personnel can read this attempts with a special card from machine’s memory. If customer losts the card, he/she can cancel it from system and get a new one. The old-lost card is useless.

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