Acerca da Intellica

A intellica é uma empresa de consultoria moçambicana criada em 2006 por um grupo de consultores moçambicanos incubados numa firma de auditoria e consultoria com actuação global.

A Intellica aposta no conhecimento e capacidade local com uma visão global.

A intellica oferece serviços profissionais de Consultoria Financeira (Financial Advisory, Corporate Finance, Corporate Investment Consulting e Tax Consulting), Consultoria de Estratégia, Consultoria de Gestão, Consultoria de Sistemas e Tecnologias de Informação e Consultoria de Recursos Humanos.



On behalf of the staff of Capture Solutions Limited, we welcome you all to our Website. Here, you can find a comprehensive and in-depth review of our company.

Our main focus is to address technological challenges affecting corporate establishments and try and come up with real solutions to solve these problems, hence affording them time to concentrate on their core businesses.

As we all know, many organizations today are moving into mobile communication platform to decentralize their businesses and get closer to their customers due to the increased demand for the ICT infrastructure and platforms that help deliver the optimal efficient services required by staff in order to serve the country better and of course more efficiently.

Whatever our clients' needs are, CAPTURE Solutions is focused to provide them with telecommunications solutions to fit all their needs. At Capture Solutions we make sure that our clients are offered a strategic sourcing relationship and try to make it easier to adapt to technology changes that support frequent changing clients' priorities and requirements. Our solutions are always geared both for current and future requirements.

To meet our client's quality expectations, our solutions always undergo intense compliant testing, certification from qualified engineers, as well as independent certification which is obtained to ascertain the quality of our product portfolio. The warranty for our hardware is also extended to our clients.

Today, CAPTURE Solutions is the a provider of ICT Business solutions in Africa (with offices in Kenya and Tanzania). The company has been able to keep pace with the global information and communication technology scenario by having strategic business associations within and outside Africa. Our focus now is to challenge the status quo and work proactively with our customers to find the best solutions and applications to assure sustainable long term business relationships.


FPT Information system 


Dedication and effort to create value for our customer.

Thorough understandings of technology and customer’s profession.

Perfect development and implementation of software and integration solutions.

Our capability:

We understand that technology is constantly changing and that human resources are the most important factor in mastering new technology.

There are more than 2700 engineers working in FPT IS

There are more than 1500 programmers who directly involve in the development of international standard and industry-in-depth software.

Our engineers graduated from prestigious universities in the UK., the United States, France, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Russia, Hungaria, Bulgaria and Vietnam.

The qualifications of the FPT IS expert team have been recognized with international technology certificates issued by the world's leading service and solution providers. 

We are able to mobilize a large number of staff in a short period of time to serve the needs of our customers. 

Our consulting experts have accumulated a lot of experience through hundreds of projects for over 20 years.

Working environment:

Encourage and facilitate everyone to maximize their ability and long-term dedication to the company.

Develop the FPT’s unique business culture, reserve and promote the youthfulness, dynamism, creativity and thirst for knowledge in our people. 

Cherish and give priority to execution of commitment to customer.



The growing dependence on natural gas for residential and industrial needs, while being used as a clean fuel in power plants, has made it one the fastest-growing major fuels globally. With such relevance in today’s world, TAQA Arabia has invested heavily in its Gas Arm.

TAQA Gas is the company’s largest business unit, comprising of four distribution companies that specialize in delivering natural gas. The Arm’s focal work is to build operate and maintain substations through which it distributes gas to surrounding localities. In Egypt, the Arm specializes in gas distribution in over 11 governorates operating under four concessions.

The 4 subsidiaries under TAQA Gas handle every aspect of downstream activity, serving over 600,000 customers regionally and distributing over 5.4 billion cubic meters of gas annually, mainly to industrial users. Its total number of industrial clients has surpassed 175 customers, including local and multinational clients. With TAQA Gas as its driving force, TAQA Arabia has become one of the region’s largest and most diversified private-sector companies operating in the gas sector.

Despite the regional political and economic unrest, TAQA Gas increased its number of residential and industrial clients it serves and boosted its overall gas sales volumes. The Gas Arm contributed over 40% to gross profits in 2013, the highest percentage among the four Arms. TAQA Gas provides O&M services to more than 600,000 domestic customers and 175 industrial customers according to the highest standards and codes of practice.



Metrotec Egypt has been established science June 2004. It was found as Egyptian Partner Ship Co. by issued Capital of 100 Millions LE on international basis for partner both Egypt & KSA.

Metrotec Egypt has been integrated technology for water meter manufacturing & testing by auditing through two German companies which are the most high technology and advanced engineering in water management in Europe and world wide.

Based on the previous technology for water meter manufacturing, quality control, registration & testing. Metrotec Egypt has been focus on production line to be more advanced and fully automated. On other hand Metrotec Egypt pay more attention for technology development and product updating to on the top rank of this industry.

Metrotec Egypt has been started this business in the industrial zone of 10th of Ramadan located 70 km far from Cairo. Based on 15.000 square meter factory building attached by 2000 square meter administrate building and outside warehouse of 3000 square meter.

Metrotec Egypt equipped this factory by the most advanced production line such us pressure die casting for brass components – CNC fully automated machining center for mechanical forming – electrostatic powder coating plant for service treatment – testing lab for quality assurance.

Metrotec Egypt has 300 individuals as total manpower for the factory activities & administration process. Metrotec Egypthas been considered at least 20% of its annual budget for manpower training and evaluation to improve their technical skills to be matching with high technology system.      

From the beginning Metrotec Egypt was planning to improve the quality of the product. And was caring to occupy the top rank of this industry based on registration of the products for the most qualified authorities of quality control such as :

• The Egyptian authority for specification and quality

• Egyptian holding company for clean water.