Multi Jet Water Meter

Multi Jet Water Meter

LXSZ Smart Card Prepayment Water Meter adopts liquid sealed type mechanical water meter, features in Prepayment, Real-time calculation & billing functions; It provides comprehensive , reliable, advanced smart prepayment solutions to water utilities & authorities; It has Real-Time clock...

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LXSZ Semi-Dry Type Prepayment Water Meter

LXSZ Smart Card Prepayment Water Meter adopts liquid sealed type mechanical water meter, features in Prepayment, Real-time calculation & billing functions; 

It provides comprehensive , reliable, advanced smart prepayment solutions to water utilities & authorities;
It has Real-Time clock (RTC), Real-Time monetary/volume calculation and monthly billing date frozen etc. functions.
Meanwhile, it  has Friendly Time Period Management function, which could ensure continuously water usage during off-duty time, weekend & holidays even if water credit in meter becomes 0;
Moreover, it supports Open Cover & Anti-magnetic etc. functions to prevent meter tampering and also has events record function to provide accurate records of operations, warnings and indications during meter's lifetime;
It complies with OIML R49, ISO4064 etc. standards






















Accuracy Class

















Working temperature


Max. working pressure



Pressure loss



Rated working voltage



Static working current


≤ 8ua

Battery Lifetime


≥6 (Theoretically)

Pulse equivalent



IP level



1. Basic Functions:

1.1 Accumulation Function
LXSZ can accumulate the consumed water volume/credit based on one month interval.
1.2 Meter Recharge
After purchasing water, customer can recharge meter by [customer card].
1.3 Anti-Storage Function
When purchased credit plus balance credit in meter > stock limitation, the credit in [customer card] can not be transferred into meter to prevent water storage.
1.4 Insufficient Water Warning
When balance credit equals to alarm value, buzzer beeps and valve will close once to remind customers that the water is about to used up. Valve can be switched on for continuously usage of water by [customer card] until balance credit becomes 0..
1.5 Overdraft Function
When balance credit becomes 0, if overdraft function is activated, customer can use [Customer Card] to open valve for continuous usage of water until the overdraft consumed credit equals to preset value, valve will be closed automatically.
1.6 Monthly Consumption Limitation
When monthly accumulated water consumption is more than monthly consumption limitation, valve will be closed and can not be opened in current month even the water balance in meter > 0 

2. Advanced Functions:

2.1 Step Tariff
LXSZ adopts monetary calculation, when consumed credit exceeds the fixed water volume, the credit will be deducted according to the latest price multiply consumed volume. The billing is according to the monthly‘s accumulated water consumption on different steps. The meter can be set to maximum 5 steps and deducted credit by pulse equivalent.
2.2 Fiendly Time Period Management Function
During Friendly Period, customer can use [Customer Card] to continuously use water even  if water balance in meter becomes 0.
2.3 Event Record
LXSZ prepayment water meter can record all the events happened during the lifetime of water meter. Event record information consists of event type and event happened time.
The event records type includes the following types:
1) Battery Replacement (Meter Restart)
2) Open/Close Valve Failure
3) Card Reading Time & Card Type
4) Open Cover Time
5) Magnetic Interference Time
6) Exceed Maximum Flow Time
2.4 Monthly Billng Data Record
LXSZ will store monthly consumption data at monthly billing date, meanwhile it recover the register to zero to calculate the next months consumption. Max. 10 years’ monthly consumption data can be recorded & inquired
2.5 Anti-tamper Function
1) When magnetic interference happens, The valve will close automatically
2) When meter cover is opened illegally, The valve will close automatically
3) If Flow-rate of water runing through the meter exceeds preset value, The valve will close automatically 

3. Optional Functions:

3.1. Monthly Free Consumption Management
Some Country/Regions have policy that should offer Monthly Free Consumption Credit for each customer/family. Thus LXSZ can support monthly free consumption management function, which means X m3/month water is provided to customers for free.
3.2. Daylight Saving Time (DST)
RTC (Real Time Clock) in meter can be adjusted automatically forward a certain time when  Daylight saving time starts, which is configured in “ Daylight saving time scheme ”, and will  go backward certain time when daylight saving time ends.

Company information

Our company is comprehensive enterprise integrated with design, research and development, manufacture marketing and serve. Now business scope is production and marketing for water meter, gas meter, intelligent water meter and spare parts.Our products was provided to construction, environmental protection and chemical industry on account of high accuracy, reliable quality, complete varieties, novel packing, convenient installation and long service life. Selling throughout all market and exporting to Africa, Southeast Asia, European countries and The Middle East, etc. For more than 5 years, praised by users.

We can also make the meter shells, mechanisms and water meter boxes according to customers' drawings or samples. We are eager to get your inquiries and establish long term mutual benefit cooperation relationship. We have our advantages in manufacturing and you have your advantages in sales, we are sure with our working together we can get one "win-win" situation. We hope we can grow together!


Q: How long will you give me the reply?
A: we will contact you in 12 hours as soon as we can.
Q: Could I get samples?
A: Yes,we have materials in stock to help you to get the samples as soon as we can.

Q.How are orders packed and shipped ?
A: For custom order, we can design full-color custom packaging to match your brand, if requires. Most shipments include boxes packed inside an outer carton and placed on a wooden pallet.

Q.What are your quality control procedures?
A: We adhere to strict quality control procedures that begin with product design and carry through to the end of the production process using state-of -the-art quality control equipment.


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